Goal Setting

Don’t read this if you don’t want to change what you are currently doing….

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Once you have finished reading this I don’t want you to say “oh I am so encouraged, I am so inspired” and then do nothing with it. I want you to be encouraged and inspired to take action and make step changes to achieve your goals.

Over the coming days, weeks, months and years you may have a few goals you want to achieve, you may even have a lot of goals and I can guarantee that some of them are going to take you outside of your comfort zone so support is critical – whether it’s from family, friends, leaders or myself and I love it when people succeed so I will encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone and achieve something or somethings that mean a lot to you.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what your background is, whether you have money or you don’t have money we all have goals that we want to achieve. My life has been a bit of a roller-coaster but I wouldn’t change it for the world and now here I am achieving my dreams to help others achieve theirs.

So when you have to do some of these uncomfortable or new things to achieve your goals you may have people make comments about the change or question you but stay focused and let’s have fun getting uncomfortable.

The first part of Goal Setting is having some goals and I believe in written goals. A written goal is 10 times more likely to be achieved. But a written goal that you see everyday is 100 times more likely to be achieved.

Did you set or attempt to set any sort of goal on New Years day, this year or any year? Does you remember what they were? Did you achieve any? Well done if you did!!! When we set goals on New Years day they are usually not attainable, realistic or achievable and the ones that may be achievable or attainable you may have procrastinated over thinking that you had 12 months to achieve it so you’ll do something about it later and the next thing you know four months of the year is gone and you think “oh well I’ll do it next year” or “I’ve still got 8 months” and we procrastinate some more. Then the next thing you know – BAM – it’s almost time for New Year celebrations and Goal Setting again!! Yikes – we just keep going around in circles.

A goal could big, small, easy, hard, fun, challenging, cost money or be free. These goals could be travel related, buy a house or car or other investment, retire at 50, get married, have kids, or get married and have no kids or don’t ever get married or ever have kids. It may be to start a business, grow a business or just rank up at least once a year. So stop reading this and write down the goals you want to achieve over the course of your life – let’s call them Life Goals. You go and write them down and I’ll wait here…..


Okay I hope you got some goals written down because now write down the ones you want to achieve in the next 12 months (we aren’t going to be hamstrung by a Jan to Dec year) this is not defined by a calendar year – these are your goals from now 2016 to then 2017 eg Sept 2016 to Sept 2017. These goals may link to your life goals – eg if you want to buy a house then your 12 month goal might be to save x amount of money. If you have a travel goal your goal for the next 12 months might be to attend a travel expo. They shouldn’t just be weight loss, business, fitness related but include family, home or house, relationships, how many books you want to read, vacations or staycations.

It’s what you want to enjoy both big and small and don’t forget to have goals that are not money related eg play outside with the family once a month, have my coffee in the sun once a week or find a quiet and dark area and star gaze. Your 12 month list is like your master list of what you want to get out of the next 12 months – big, small, easy, hard, fun, challenging, cost money, are free – if this is your master list you could laminate it and stick it the shower so you can see it everyday or put it on the fridge but put it somewhere that you can see it everyday – start to memorise your goals and keep them visible. Okay I will wait here again while you write down the goals you will achieve in the next 12 months…..


Let’s move on to monthly goals – looking at your Life or 12 month Goals we now need to write out what you will do each month – so at the start of each month you look at your master list or master plan and then you’ll break it down to what you want to achieve each month.

Each month try to have goals to achieve in different areas and have a Group or Family Goal, a section for your three most important goals and a space for an inspirational quote –

  • Group/Family Goal section – you could write in here something you want to achieve with your family, social group, work group, sporting group – for example – “Live a good story this month” would be a great place to start because you will be very surprised by your story at the end of September. Your Group or Family Goal could be “Get busy cooking and replicate our favourite take away dish and use the money saved each week and month for our next vacation or staycation” or “hand out 10 business cards or make 10 new contacts” or “form or join a networking circle”.
  • My top 3 goals for the next 12 months are……..
  • Inspirational Quote – you can google this or get a quote from your favourite book – mine for September  is going to be “Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.” Vince Lombardi

Goal Categories – you should have something for each of these – if you don’t you may feel unbalanced. If you are only rocking your business what’s happening to your health and family? What good is it to achieve business goals if you are not well. You might have an individual goal in the Health/Fitness category to be healthier and then the mini goals for this might be to eat a piece of fruit a day, drink a litre of water – these are all achievable – SMART Goals – specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound. You may already be doing this so your mini goals would be more advanced. I will give you some examples to get your mind ticking.

Health could be “walk around the block”

Finance and Career could be to up rank this month or get 10 new contacts

Family and Spiritual could be to have a staycation or volunteer

Home and Personal could be to make your bed everyday. If you have the discipline to make your bed everyday then you are well on your way to be disciplined to achieve your goals. If you already make your bed then maybe it is speed clean for 15 minutes a day or walk the dog at the dame time for 15 min every day – it’s about the discipline. If you aren’t disciplined then just start with making your bed everyday.

You could have a goal in the Home/Personal section to read a book this month – that is just a motherhood statement until you break it down – I will spend 30 minutes a day reading my book, I will turn my phone on silent while I read my book, I will read my book as soon as the kids go to bed.

If it is to make 10 new contacts then break it down further – I will make 3 new contacts each week. If it is to lose 2 kilos then it would be I will lose 500 grams a week, I will walk an extra 200m a day.

If you can’t push through to achieve it today then achieve it tomorrow but achieve it this month. If life happens and September disappears before your eyes then start again in October.

Fun goals – let’s enjoy all goal achievement and this is your booster, your rocket, your fuel to keep you going. Make them easy and make them fun – each month is a gift so enjoy it. I want to pick flowers, I want to go on a picnic, I want to drink my coffee in the sun, I want to play in the park, I want to read a comic book, I want to blow raspberries on my baby’s belly, I want to tell someone they look pretty. These fun challenges don’t matter if you have money or if you don’t have money or if you have a job or if you have three if you are young or if you are old.

I’ll wait here again while you go back and write down your Monthly Goals…….


Just think of the things that would make you feel proud if you achieved them and get them written down, they make take you out of your comfort zone but imagine at the end of the month when you look back at all your achieved and say “look at the month I just lived”

I hope you all found this  beneficial and if you did please send me an email and I will keep you up to date with my Newsletter.  If you want to take your goal setting for success further and engage me as your personal coach then feel free to contact me for a 20 minute free consultation on you and/or your business and then we can talk about me tailor making a program to help you manage the day-to-day realities of your home and business life whilst growing your business and this may mean you sign up for a month or a year but the program will be specific to you and your needs and priced to be accessible and affordable to everyone not just the already successful.

Or come along to one of my upcoming events – see the Upcoming Events page.

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Have a great day

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