What is Coaching?

Coaching is collaboration to address behaviour, skills, knowledge and attitudes and uses tools to develop, learn new skills, improve, manage challenges and find success.

With all the literature available how can you keep it simple and get the results you need?

 Coaching can be informal, formal, structured, loosely structured and anything in-between. A coach could be a manager, leader, a colleague, a teacher, a friend or relative, an external trainer or consultant working for a small or large company, a self-employed trainer or consultant, or a self-employed ‘coach’.  Coaching can be applied in work, business and personal development and could be termed as “career coaching” or “executive coaching”.

No matter who the coach is, the coaching journey should be one undertaken collaboratively without directing, telling, doing it all yourself or solving the problem for them.

But how do you sort through all the available information and models to know which one to use today?



GROW Model:


SMART Goals:


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